Indonesian Favorite
Grilled Thai Chicken wings  62k
Marinated in spicy Thai sambal
Nasi Campur Bali   75k
A Traditional BalineseNasiCampur with Smoked Chicken, Boiled Egg, Fishsate, BeefCurry, Balinese Vegetables and lot more.
A Great dish with a variety of taste. A must to try! 
Nasi Campur Bebek  95k
Balinese NasiCampur with Crispy Duck, Boiled Egg, Fish Satay, Balinese Vegetables and lot more
Duck Spring Roll  65k

Served with Sweet Chili Sauce

Tom Yam Goong  75k
Spicy Thai shrimp and mushroom soup with lemon grass
Cumi Goreng Bumbu Bali  82k
Squid Coated with flour and Balinese spice
Fresh Mushroom Soup  59k
Duck Fried rice  85k
Balinese sate Lilit Platters (Chicken, Fish and Duck)  96k    
Chicken Soup  55k
Tumis Kacang Panjang Ayam Cincang  42k
Sautéed Long Beans with Chopped Chicken
Tumis Tauge Ayam Cincang 
Sautéed Bean Sprouts with Chopped Chicken
All dishes at Dirty Duck Diner are made from the freshest ingredients available.  We use only  Butter in our baking, olive oil in our dressings and vegetable oil in our frying. No MSG or coconut oil is used in our kitchen. All vegetarian dishes are maked with an asterix 
Chicken Kebab  100k 
Served with lemon rice 

Caesar Salad  75k
Beef bacon, crouton and parmesan
Nasi Campur Vegetarian  72k
Steamed rice with vegetables, Chicken Curry, Beef, BebekPelalah, Fried Fish, Prawns, Sate, Crackers 

Organic Green Salad 65k
Mixed Green Lettuce with Italian Dressing
Nasi Goreng Vegetarian 55k 
Fried rice with Vegetables

Gado - gado  55k
Steamed mix vegetables with tofu, egg and peanut sauce 

Crispy Duck Salad 92k
With traditional Balinese dressing
All the prices are in thousand rupiah 
11 % Tax and 10 % Service will be added to your bill
Need to order in advance 
Balinese Smoked Duck 335k 
A Whole Duck smoked in traditional way with spices wrapped in Beatle nut leaf. 
This meal is served with Balinese sate, vegetables, steamed rice and accompanied with Mixed fruit Juice. (This meal for 2 persons) 

Bebek Bengil  Rp. 127.500
The Original Crispy Duck since 1990 
Half a Duck steamed in Indonesian spices and deep fried for acrispy finish, Recommended Use your fingers!! 
Served with Steamed rice and Balinese vegetables or Sautéed potatoes and side salad

Grilled Duck Sweet Chili sauce
Rp. 124.500

Grilled Duck with Balinese sauce, served with steamed rice 

Bebek Bakar Sambal Hijau
Rp. 124.500

Served with Sweet Potato Rice and Vegetables 

Bebek Pelalah(Balinese Food, Recipe by Ibu Agung Raka Sueni)
Rp. 124.500

Chunk of Duck in Balinese Tomato sauce 
Served with sweet potato rice 

Ayam Suir Bali 85k
(Recipe by IbuAgungRakaSueniServed with yellow rice and Balinese Vegetables

Barbeque Chicken Breast 92k
Served with French fries and vegetables

Tender Lemon Chicken Breast

Chicken breast pan fried in butter with a delicate lemon sauce

Chicken Sate 85k
Served with steamed rice and vegetables 

Fresh Grilled Sea Food 125k
Prawn, Squid and Snapper served with garlic butter and chili sauce 

Pepes Ikan Bumbu Bali 95k
(Balinese Food, Recipe by IbuAgungRakaSueni)  
Fish with Balinese spices wrapped in Banana leaves and cook as Balinese style 
Heritage of Balinese food every day 

Balinese Smoked Chicken 320k
A Whole Chicken smoked in traditional way with spices wrapped in Beatle nut leaf. 
This meal is served with Balinese sate, vegetables, steamed rice and accompanied with Mixed fruit Juice (This meal for 2 persons) 

Spaghetti Bolognese 75k 
Homemade Italian sauce served with side salad 
Indonesian Rijstafel 310k
A traditional Indonesian meal of saffron rice, Balinese sate, curried egg, Balinese chicken curry, ginger chicken, crispy fried Duck, Balinese vegetables ( lawar ) and all the trimmings with Mixed fruit Juice, coconut cream pie and tropical Balinese fruit to finish it off. 
(This meal for 2 persons). 

Black Russian Pie 75k 
The Original black Russian Pie since 1990 
Mixed with vodka, Kahlua and topped with Chocolate  
Coconut cream Pie 55k
The Original Sin Devil Dark Food cake
Balinese Fruit salad 38k
Lemon Freezie 42k 
Lemon Juice, Lime Cordial and Soda water  
Pineapple Freezie 44k 
Pineapple juice and coconut Cream 
Bali Street 44k 
Kiwi fruit, Yogurt and Fresh mango 
Bebek Street 44k 
Fresh Banana, Blueberry yogurt, Pineapple juice and  
Fresh Orange juice 
Ubud Street 44k 
Fresh Pineapple, Fresh mango juice, Coconut cream  
and Mint leaves 
Bebek Bengil Smoothies ( Passion ) 44k
Yogurt passion fruit flavor, Coconut cream
 and Lemon juice 
Sweet Sour Duck 44k 
Fresh Lemon juice, Fresh Ginger and Honey  

Mixed Freezie 44k 
Avocado, banana and Kiwi fruit 
Dragon Fly 44k 
Dragon Fruit with Strawberry juice, topped with 7UP 
Giant Chill 44k 
Guava or Strawberry flavor Jungle juice, fresh Strawberry or  
guavatopped with Soda water 
Strawberry Breez 44k 
Ice Tea, fresh Strawberry and Sugar 
Menteng Street 44k 
Avocado, Coffee and Vanilla Ice Cream 
Sweet Strawberry Sunrise 44k 
Fresh Orange,Strawberry Syrup,Sprite 
Duck Lemon Grass 44k 
Mixed Lemon Juice,Lemon Grass, Honey, Sprite 
Duck Cavalera 44k
Mixed Fresh Strawberry Juice, Yougurt Passion, Lemon & Sugar 
Ice Orange /Ice Lemon 29k 
Ice Tea 18k
Ice Lemon Tea 15k 
Plain or Fruit Lassi 39k
Milk Shake 37k 

Pure Apple, Orange or carrot 39k 

Water Melon, Melon or Avocado 33k 
 Pineapple, Banana, Papaya, Lemon or Orange 33k 
Frozen Cappuccino 44k 

Thirsty Duck 44k 
Fresh Pineapple, Fresh Banana, Fresh papayA, Coconut milk and  
Pure Orange Juice
Pear Freezie 44k
Fresh Green Pear and Mint Leaves
Hanoman Street 44k

Pure Orange, Markisa and Melon sugar
Water Melon Ginger Freezie
Fresh Water Melon, Ginger and Mint leaves 

Padang Tegal Village 44k 
Fresh melon, Fresh Orange and Green Apple
Bebek Strawberry Splash 44k 
Fresh Strawberry, Ice Cream and topped with soda water 
Brumbun Duck 46k 
Full Color of drink, mix with Fresh Orange, Fresh Strawberry and Melon sugar 
Duck Lemon 44k 
Sweet sour drink, mix with Fresh Lemon, Ginger, and  
Mint leaves and topped with 7 up 
Hot Orange 27k
Hot Lemon tea 20k
Hot Lemon Ginger Honey Lemon Grass
Hot Tea 22k (Refill)  
Bali Coffee 29k
Coffee Au Lait, Vienna Coffee 32k  
Drip Coffee 32k 
 Expresso 27k
Cappuccino 32k
Small Beer:  
Rp. 40.000 
Bintang Radler Rp. 40.000 

Coke, Sprite, Diet coke  24k 
 Soda water 20k 
 Equil Mineral Water 29k 
 Equil Sparkling 32k 
All the prices are in thousand rupiah 
11 % Tax and 10  % Service will be added to your bill