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Agung Raka Art Gallery

  • Apr 25, 2018
Agung Raka Art Gallery

Bali is not just about the beach, nature, and the nightlife. But Bali is also about the art and culture too. Agung Raka Art Gallery is an inspiring place where there are many local and international artists create many arts. They put their hearts out and display their art in this museum. This art gallery is the most popular gallery throughout the island. You need to pay a visit to this popular contemporary art gallery on this lovely island. Moreover, there are many cultural events are held in this art gallery such as traditional music and dance.

Visiting Agung Raka Art Gallery

ARMA is the short name of this art gallery. This is a popular place for its artistic, cultural, and architectural importance. If you want to learn about Balinese art and culture in both classical and contemporary, you need to visit this place. ARMA is so cozy and you can learn everything in a simple way. This place is located in Ubud. As we know that Ubud is not like any other places in Bali. This place is calmer and more relaxing. This is the best place to learn about Balinese culture and art. This art gallery is the house of so many impressive collections from many talented artists. The artists come from many places in Indonesia. But Balinese artists contribute the most in this art gallery. There are many Balinese artists who adapting traditional styles of Bali.

ARMA is strategically located in the heart of Ubud. There are many both local and international tourists that visit this place. This art gallery is dedicated to many contemporary arts. This place showcasing many impressive works. You can check many amazing wood carvings, paintings, and sculptures as well. ARMA truly reflects the owner of this art gallery. The owner has a high passion for local culture and art both in classical and contemporary. The art gallery keeps adding newer artworks in the collection. There are many contemporary sculptures, paintings, weapons, and traditional tools as well. Sometimes, ARMA also hosts contemporary art exhibitions. There are many local artists that used this art gallery to show their hard work.

In this art gallery, you can find one floor, which dedicated to many young and modern local artists. There you can find many contemporary artworks that blend with traditional styles. There are also more modern pieces on that floor. ARMA also has an art library for those who want to sell and lends art reference books. If you are interested to buy the artwork there, it is also very possible for you. They will pack and send it to your address.

ARMA is also a great place to take pictures. There are many spots there that you can use to take pictures. The background of the incredible artworks will make your photos aesthetic. This place is also a great place for family. Your family can enjoy the beauty of the artworks together. Indeed, Agung Raka Art Gallery is a great place in Bali that you need to visit. Even if you understand nothing about art, you still find yourself amazed with the artworks there.

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