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Bali United Store in Bebek Bengil Ubud

  • Apr 25, 2018
Bali United Store in Bebek Bengil Ubud

When it comes to going to Bali for holiday, you can't miss the chance to eat dirty duck Ubud. This food is really popular in Bali. And when you arrive at the restaurant, you will see that there is Bali United Store in Bebek Bengil Ubud. This store is selling souvenirs. One of the best tourist experience parts is to buy exotic souvenirs. That stuff can reflect the culture of the place that you visit. This especially very true whenever you visit Bali. Here, there are various things to choose. In this store, you can find anything that related to Bali. You need to visit this store to buy some souvenirs.

Souvenirs That You Need to Buy in Bali United Store in Bebek Bengil Ubud

There are many Balinese souvenirs in this store. If you don’t know what to buy in this gifts shop, we will give you some recommendations.

1. Wood carvings

Wood carvings are essential if you want to get something that will remind you of Bali. There are Barong masks available here. For your information, Barong is Bali's guardian spirit. This mask is always worn whenever a group plays Barong and Rangda in the Balinese traditional dance. If you are looking for Balinese art and culture representative, then you should get a hand-carved of Barong mask which made from local wood.

2. Textiles

Girls will like this. You can’t miss Bebali whenever you come to Bali. Bebali is a sacred Balinese traditional textile. This souvenir is handmade from cotton and some natural dyes. There are three main types of Bebali that used for ritual and clothing. Those are Songket, Ikat Cepuk, as well as black and white Poleng. The quality of the textile is so good and you can also get the design that you like.

3. Painted wood figures

Balinese painted wood figures are also good souvenirs that you can buy in Bali. It’s better to buy matching wood figures. Because Balinese said that if you seat them together, they will bring you good fortune as well as to the couples. Some people can’t recognize Balinese wood figures with the Javanese ones. However, if you see pairs who sit with their hands together, it is Balinese wood figures, especially if the figures’ hands are in a welcoming gesture.

4. Jewelry

Balinese gold and sterling silver are good value. In this store, you can find handmade jewelry that made with corals, natural stones, and semi-precious gemstones such as Pearl, Onyx, and Jasper. Those are sourced from many regions in Bali. You can also buy silver rings from Bali. The Balinese traditional silver jewelry is decorated with beautiful patterns and tiny silver beads. Those are the hard work of Balinese silversmiths. And don’t forget to buy Balinese bracelet that made of silver and copper.

After you’ve finished shopping cheap but great-quality souvenirs in Bali United Store in Bebek Bengil Ubud, you can eat crispy duck in there.

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