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Famous Duck Restaurant in Ubud

  • Jan 19, 2018
Famous Duck Restaurant in Ubud

There are so many top restaurants in Ubud you can visit on holiday. This place is a paradise for food lovers. If you come to Ubud, you will know why the area has a lot of good food. Many restaurants in Ubud has good ambiance. You can enjoy your meal in a riverside romantic restaurant or jungle tree fine dining. With so many good foods, it's hard to pick the best one. This area has many fantastic restaurants from cheap to an expensive dinner. If you confused what food that you should eat in Ubud, we will recommend you duck restaurant Ubud. Ubud is famous for its duck cuisine. The Pioneer and the best one is Dirty Duck Ubud or Bebek Bengil

Bebek Bengil Restaurant

Balinese cuisine is not complete without visiting Bebek Bengil. Our restaurant suggest duck cuisine as your recommended main menu. Bebek Bengil is very famous for its crispy duck. Not only the menu, but the restaurant also filled with everything about duck such as the duck statues in front & inside of the restaurant and even some living ducks in the pond. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very relaxing. Bebek Bengil Ubud location is close to a Bali green rice paddy. The famous crispy duck have large portion with half duck and very soft, but the skin is very crunchy (just like the name suggest!). The sauce is so addictive. Bebek Bengil restaurant will serve you with three kinds of spicy chili sauce. If you want to eat crispy duck, remember Bebek Bengil, You will not be disappointed.

The History - Original Crispy Duck  Since 1990

Bebek Bengil means Dirty Duck Diner. Our restaurant is also famous for its Bebek Betutu (smoked duck). Bebek Bengil is arguably the best duck restaurant on the island. Dirty Duck has the menu that almost related with duck such as the smoked duck, duck fried rice, chili sauce duck, crispy fried duck. Note, if you're going to eat the smoked duck, you need to order this famous Balinese food the day before. We guarantee, the taste won't disappoint you, well cooked in Balinese spices. The dish served with rice, satay, and vegetables. It will cost around IDR 300,000 for two persons.

Nature Ambience - Three Ultimate Views In Bali

Bebek Bengil Ubud is blended with nature since it is very close to the rice paddy and many tresses that cover our restaurant. Ubud, as the center of Bali traditional village vibe surely has many good spots which are very “Instagramable”. Our main restaurant building on Ubud has both traditional and modern vibes in its architecture. In this location, you can enjoy the view of the famous Bali rice fields. In Bebek Bengil Nusa Dua, you will enjoy the beauty of Nusa Dua beach, sea view and relaxing wind from sea. In Bebek Bengil Jimbaran GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana), you will enjoy traditional architecture with GWK statue and mountain view. Yes, Bebek Bengil restaurants are a beautiful, a perfect place to relax & enjoy the most delicious Bali dishes.

Don't forget, Bebek Bengil is the top restaurants in Ubud to eat duck, especially crispy duck. All of our Bebek Bengil restaurants serve the best duck cuisine, and each restaurant has the different nature atmosphere. Three of them have the best spot to eat duck in Bali. What are you waiting for? Book Table Now !

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