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The Best Place to Eat In Ubud & Satisfy Your Taste

  • Jan 26, 2018
The Best Place to Eat In Ubud & Satisfy Your Taste

Wondering the best place to eat in Ubud? Do not worry because we’ve got the best recommendation for you! Ubud surely becomes the amazing place to stay for honeymoon and holiday. There are so much beautiful place and great food that you can explore on this exotic island. When it comes to good food in Ubud, make sure you put the Dirty Duck Ubud on your wish list! From all Ubud culinary, crispy duck becomes one of the most delicious food that worth tasting in Ubud.

 Crispy Duck: A Tasty Culinary in Ubud

As hearing dirty duck, some of you probably think about the duck which gets some dirt. In fact, dirty duck refers to a restaurant which is very popular with its special crispy duck. What makes the crispy duck special here is this one is specially cooked with Balinese's traditional spices such as garlic, coriander, ginger, pepper, shrimp paste, and others. The traditional spices surely make the duck gets a delicious aroma.

In Bali, there are a lot of duck restaurants Ubud. Almost all restaurants in Ubud serve this food as their main menu. Since there are many restaurants serving crispy duck, some of you may confuse to pick the best one. Due to several reviews, Bebek Bengil becomes the most fabulous place to eat crispy duck in Ubud. So, make sure you write us on your destination list to serve your tongue!

What Makes Bebek Bengil More Special than Others?

Since 1990, Bebek Bengil or also known as Dirty Duck has served people with its delicious duck food. Besides serving tasty menu, our restaurant also own excellent services and comfortable atmosphere. The delicious food in Bebek Bengil makes our place become the typical Ubud restaurants for tourist. Our restaurant always maintains and improves services and quality to make costumers satisfied with our products.

In Bebek Bengil, you can try a lot of special Ubud Bali food which is very rich with traditional spices. The crispy duck becomes the best and favorite on in this restaurant. Even some tourists say this is the “best crispy duck ever” in Ubud. Get the best taste of crispy duck by ordering another special menu like Sambal Matah, duck spring roll, Sate Lilit, and others.  Besides serving a lot of duck food menus, Bebek Bengil also provides salad variants for the vegetarians.

Special Ubud Food

When it comes to special Ubud culinary, make sure you try the best menu in our Bebek Bengil. The first worth-trying menu here is the crispy duck. This food is served with great combination of fried rice and special Sambal Matah. If you like food which has excellent special Balinese spices, don't forget to taste Sate Lilit. You can pick whether you want chicken, duck, or fish. Last thing you should try is Nasi Campur Bali. Nasi Campur made from boiled egg, smoked chicken, fish satay, vegetables, beef curry, and others. Overall, those three culinary are the best from all Ubud culinary. Now, still looking for great place to eat in Ubud? Bebek Bengil has all the great Ubud food you want!  Order food or table click here.

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