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The Best Restaurant in Ubud

  • Jan 20, 2018
The Best Restaurant in Ubud

What is the best restaurant in Ubud? The answer will be Dirty Duck Ubud Restaurant. When you travel to new places, you tend to make culinary trip as well. When you search for the signature dish of the areas and then do some research. If you are in Ubud right now, you will find many western style restaurants. There is some aesthetic diner as well. But when you are in Ubud, it’s better to try the signature dish of Ubud which is the duck. Dirty Duck Restaurant is the best duck restaurant that you can find in Ubud.

About the Dirty Duck

Dirty Duck is also known as Bebek Bengil is located right next to the famous Monkey Forest Center in Ubud. About 30,000 people are living in Ubud. The place becomes popular mainly because of its green nature landscape and great shops around the town where you can buy anything at various prices.

The Dish

The most famous dish in Bebek Bengil, of course, crispy duck. Ubud itself is known for duck dishes. So, you need to try this one in Ubud. Balinese crispy duck in Bebek Bengil is the best on the island. The duck is fried with Balinese spices so the taste will be unique and you can’t find it anywhere but Ubud! The skin is very crispy, and plenty of juicy duck meat under the skin will amaze you. Don't forget the chili sauce that will make you sweat. The dish served along with rice and Indonesian vegetables. The next meal is what local called as Nasi Goreng or fried rice. Who doesn’t love fried rice? Indonesia is known for its delicious fried rice. You can order spicy fried rice with duck, chicken, or beef as the topping. It’s better to order duck fried rice since you will also taste Balinese duck dish. You can feel the juiciness of the duck fat mix with the cooked rice. It's very delicious, and we guarantee you won't be disappointed if you eat this fried rice.

Another Ubud Bali food that worth to try is the duck with Balinese chili sauce. This dish is truly phenomenal. If you love spicy food, you won’t regret to try this one. The chili sauce will be one of the tastiest you’ve ever eaten. Indonesian chili sauce is fantastic. The dish served with three kinds of chili sauce as well as rice and raw vegetables such as cabbage, basil leaves, tomato, bean sprouts, and cucumber. The last dish that you should try is chicken satays or chicken skewers. The savory chicken poured with sweet peanut sauce won’t disappoint you.

The Restaurant

The best time to visit Bebek Bengil is in the evening. With the lights on and the excellent ambiance of the restaurant will make this more romantic. There are many spots to take pictures of you who like to update your Instagram, this place better be on your profile. Since this duck restaurant, Ubud is close to the Monkey Forest, and the place is surrounding with tall trees and rice paddy. Eating exceptional food in the best restaurant in Ubud will make your culinary trip unforgettable.

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