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Top 4 Dinner Menu in Ubud with Extra Balinese Taste

  • Jan 22, 2018
Top 4 Dinner Menu in Ubud with Extra Balinese Taste

Do you have a hard time to find where to eat in Ubud? Your stomach starts rumbling, but your travel partner hasn't deal with the dinner menu? Well, that shouldn't happen during your holiday. Since Ubud is one of the most popular spots in Bali, especially for food, you can get a wide range of choice. Whether you want to have a dinner in the fancy restaurant or local food stall, you can find all of them instantly. To help you choose the menu easily, here is the following list of top 4 dinner menus in Ubud with extra Balinese taste that gets the most loved by travelers.

1. Crispy Duck

Crispy dirty duck has been one of the most favorite choices both for lunch or dinner menu. During the cooking, the duck is half steamed with Indonesia spices to give a strong flavor in the tender meat. After that, the duck is deeply fried to get a crisp golden finish. Usually, the main menu served along with chili sauce, fresh vegetables, and warm rice. It is a perfect combination food which locals eat it with hand. So, where to go? You should visit Bebek Bengil Restaurant because you can enjoy crispy duck and another menu in nature settings.

2. Betutu Chicken

Betutu chicken is the most popular dish from Bali, especially for those who love spicy food and rich spices. The chicken dish made from Kampong chicken, a chicken breed from Indonesia. When they cook the meal, they put various Balinese spices inside the chicken stomach. Then, the chicken is wrapped with banana leaves before it roasted on the coals of chaff fire. The cooking time needs about 24 hours, so the spices can seep in the flesh to bring savory, spicy, yet soft flavors. Well, you might find Betutu menu made from duck, not chicken, in some restaurants.

3. Rolled Satay

Another good food of Bali which you can easily find in Ubud is rolled satay. Actually, the satay isn’t rolled on to the skewer, but the meat is finely chopped then wrapped with skewer. The satay can be made from various type of meat such as chicken and pork. However, we will recommend you to try the mackerel satay that become the most favorite satay dish in Bali. Moreover, the uniqueness of rolled satay in Bali is the skewers. They are not made from bamboo stems, but from lemongrass stems instead. The lemongrass will help to send a delicious smell to make the satay more appetizing.

4. Chicken Mixed Rice

The last menu from the list is mixed rice from Bali. It is a simple menu which you can enjoy the taste of the local daily food. A plate of warm rice will be accompanied by rolled satay, small pieces of chicken flavored with special Balinese spices, and urap (steamed vegetables like long beans and spinach). Some restaurants might add some side dishes for example Betutu chicken, fried peanuts, Pindang fish, and so on.

Since you have come far away to Bali, experiencing the local taste of Bali in Ubud is a must thing to do in your itinerary. If you haven’t found what and where to eat in Ubud, those favorite Balinese foods above should be your choice during your visit. So, which one is your favorite?

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