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3 Recommended Menu In Bebek Bengil On May You Should Try

  • Apr 28, 2018
3 Recommended Menu In Bebek Bengil On May You Should Try

A trip to Bali is not always about its beautiful destinations, but also its beautiful culinary destinations. In Ubud, there is more than one place to visit for the best meal, but it is only one place you should give a try on the real taste of Bali which is Bebek Bengil Bali. There are 3 recommended menus in Bebek Bengil On May, but before that, do you know that Bebek Bengil in English is “Dirty Duck Dinner”? It has its own meaning!

A Brief Overview of Bebek Bengil Restaurant

Bebek Bengil was originally opened in the 1990s and named after an incident of dirty ducks entering the building. Since then, it has grown into 7 different outlets from around Bali, Jakarta, and Tangerang. Other than the delicious foods and beverages, the place is special for it is surrounded by rice field. While you eat crispy duck, the atmosphere is very supportive for you to enjoy the food and taste the uniqueness of Bali. The founders of the restaurant said that development and improvement of the building and the menus are continuously done by Bebek Bengil team for customers’ satisfaction.

3 Recommended Menu in Bebek Bengil on May

In May, Bebek Bengil has a special menu for its lovely customers. From many foods prepared for you this month, here are 3 recommended foods from Dirty Duck Ubud that you should try:

The original Crispy Duck

With a fair price, you can eat the restaurant’s most famous dish called the Crispy Duck. The dish is served with a duck which has been steamed with unique Indonesian spices. Then, the already steamed duck is deep fried until it looks crisp enough to eat. On the plate, you will enjoy the crispy duck with steamed rice, vegetables, potatoes and more salad on the side.

Balinese smoked duck

The duck is smoked with special Balinese spices and herbs, and then the meal is served deliciously with satay, vegetables, and juice. This complete meal is more than enough to fill up your energy after a day out in the sun. This is appropriate for two persons since the portion is quite big.

Nasi Campur Bebek

The last one is called nasi campur bebek. It is a mixed rice served with an original crispy duck, boiled egg, fish satay, vegetables and more salad on the side. This is very appropriate for breakfast or lunch because the composition of the menu is complete. The price is also fair enough for the traveler as an exchange for delicious and tasty food of Bali. 

Why Must Eat in Bebek Bengil?

Eating in Bebek Bengil will be your best choice. Bebek Bengil is the pioneer of crispy duck meal in Bali. It is unique and very distinct in taste and service. Other than its crispy duck, Bebek Bengil Ubud menu also serves other foods. The range varies from Asian to Western foods and beverages. That is why many customers are satisfied to be able to taste good food in Ubud through Bebek Bengil restaurants. With a fair price, you will have food served with the best and highest quality in return. While there are many to choose from the menu, the 3 recommended menu in Bebek Bengil in May above is a must-try!

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