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5 Best Dessert in Our Restaurants

  • Apr 25, 2018
5 Best Dessert in Our Restaurants

Today’s article will talk about 5 best desserts in our restaurant. If you are looking for Ubud food, then you should eat our best dessert. The mentioned below are the Balinese sweets that you can’t resist. You can eat those sweets either for breakfast or dessert. Those sweets often appear in the ceremony held. But, in the daily life of the Balinese, the people will eat those sweets in the morning or afternoon. You have to eat this dessert with a warm cup of coffee or tea. These desserts would be more enjoyable than before.

5 Best Desserts in Our Restaurants that You Should Try

1. Bubuh Injin

The first dessert that you can eat in our restaurant is none other than Bubuh Injin or Black Rice Pudding. Good food in Ubud that we recommend you to try is this pudding. If you prefer to eat dessert which is not too sweet, you need to try this one. This dessert has a creamy texture and the coconut milk as the topping make this dessert less sweet. There are many people, including foreigner who love Black Rice Pudding since it has smooth, melt-in-mouth texture and nutty flavor as well.

2. Jaja Batun Bedil

The next dessert to eat in Ubud restaurants is Jaja Batun Bedil or Glutinous Rice Flour Dumplings in Palm Sugar Sauce. Yes, we know that the name is too long to remember, but you need to eat this dessert. The appearance of Jaja Batun Bedil is so unique since it is a small round chunk of gluten and thick palm sugar liquid is poured into the dessert. There is also shredded coconut as the topping of this cake. Since this cake is quite sticky, you need to give a little effort to eat Jaja Batun Bedil.

3. Godoh & Pisang Rai

Godoh & Pisang Rai or Fried and Steamed Bananas are one of the Balinese desserts that you can find in the best duck restaurant Ubud. You can try this dessert after you eat crispy duck there. Actually, the fried banana is often eaten as a breakfast or snack in the afternoon. The perfect match for the fried banana is warm tea or coffee. There are many foreigners who love fried banana. For your information, it is Indonesia dessert not Balinese but there are Balinese who love the dessert. In many restaurants, they will serve fried banana with cheese or ice cream.

4. Bantal

The next Balinese dessert is Bantal or Pillow cake. The appearance of this cake is like the pillow, but actually, it is a sticky rice wrapped in the banana leaves. The cake is filled with salt, sugar, red beans, jackfruit, banana, and desiccated coconut. 

5. Laklak

The last dessert is the Laklak or Balinese pancake. It is made up of rice flour. A little sugar and coconut milk will be added as the topping. Better eat it in the morning.

You can get these 5 best desserts in our restaurants which are Bebek Bengil.

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