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5 Best Drinks in Bebek Bengil to Try!

  • Apr 28, 2018
5 Best Drinks in Bebek Bengil to Try!

After a day full of visiting beautiful places in Bali, you will feel tired, exhausted and most of all, thirsty. Well, you can only cure it with refreshing beverages. Yes, you can find beverages, in every corner of Bali, but if you happen to walk around Ubud and you want to drink from a reliable place, Bebek Bengil will show you the 5 best drinks in bebek bengil that you should definitely try!

How many drinks served in Bebek Bengil?

Before getting started with the top 5 drinks in the restaurant, you should know that there are over 40 types of drinks which you can choose from. There are special drinks, cold and hot drinks, juices and beers. These variations allow guests to choose freely which beverage to lose the thirst. Since feeling thirsty is very common after a day of strolling down the city with your loved ones.

Top 5 best drinks in bebek bengil

These beverages are the most popular among tourists. Their popularity ranges from taste, appearance, and price.

The Hanooman

In dirty duck Ubud restaurant, the drink is made of various fruits mixed into one. Those fruits are passion fruit, orange juice, and melon syrup. The combination of those refreshing fruits helps you fight the summer heat.

The Watermelon Ginger Freezie

The watermelon gives you a refreshing sweet taste, while the ginger will warm your throat. Now, the freeze is added because this one serves as a cold drink, composed with mint leaves too. By drinking this beverage, you will feel not only warm spreading throughout your body, but also the sweetness and freshness

The Duck Lemon

The drink is a mixture of choosing a lemon, soda water, and ginger. This will help you survive the hotness of Bali after a long day of vacation. To cure the thirst, taste the sour and sweetness of this drink.

The Bebek Strawberry Splash

This is a very distinct drink because it is made of strawberries with a little help from soda water. If you want, you can ask for a nice, delicious topping of a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Surely, this is a very refreshing drink to have on a hot day.

The Menteng Street

It is not a name of a street, but a coffee with a unique taste which you can only find in dirty duck. This is a coffee and an avocado mixed together. Like always, you can always ask for a vanilla topping on top of it.

Why choosing those 5 best drinks in Bebek Bengil?

Each of those drinks offers its uniqueness and distinct quality to win your heart. One is sour; the other is sweet and minty. Even though there are many drinks in Bebek Bengil, those 5 drinks are the best and the most favorite drinks for local or foreign tourists. Many of them will recommend either one of the 5 above or even all of them. Bali with its tropical weather should be accompanied with refreshing drinks such as the 5 best drinks in Bebek Bengil above. Your thirst will leave your body instantly.

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