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Bring Happiness to Your Stomach with 5 Top Foods In Bebek Bengil Restaurant

  • Mar 12, 2018
Bring Happiness to Your Stomach with 5 Top Foods In Bebek Bengil Restaurant

When it comes to duck food, make sure you try this 5 top foods in Bebek Bengil restaurant! Visiting Bali would not be complete without trying the traditional Balinese culinary. Bali offers several kinds of delicious food which is really worth to try. Almost all restaurants in Bali serve traditional foods with special taste, just like Bebek Bengil restaurant. Bebek Bengil has the most favorite Balinese and Indonesia food that must try. As planning to spend your days in Bali, make sure to have lunch or dinner in this popular restaurant and try this most-recommended food.

Nasi Campur Bebek: The Best Balinese Mixed Rice

Nasi Campur becomes one of the most favorite menus in this restaurant. Just like its name Nasi Campur or mixed rice, this menu has the combination of several ingredients including crispy duck. To complete the taste of Nasi Campur, Bebek Bengil serves it with boiled egg, Balinese vegetables, and fish satay or sate Lilit.

Grilled Thai Chicken Wings: The Most Delicious Asian Food in Bebek Bengil

Who says Bebek Bengil only serves traditional Balinese foods? They also offer other food variants including Asian foods. Grilled Thai Chicken Wings becomes one of the most delicious Asian Food in Bebek Bengil. They grill the chicken wings and marinate it with Thai spices. Once you bite it, you will taste tender and tasty chicken wings.

Nasi Campur Bali: Worth Trying Traditional Balinese Food

If you do not like a duck that much, but still want to try traditional Balinese food, you probably can order this one. What makes it different with Nasi Campur Bebek, Bebek Bengil serves this menu with smoked chicken. Besides, they also add other tasty ingredients like boiled egg, Balinese vegetables, fish satay, and beef curry to complete this meal. This is a very mouth-watering dish with variants of taste!

Bebek Bengil: The Original Crispy Duck in Town

If you want to eat crispy duck, you can order Bebek Bengil. Since 1990, Bebek Bengil has been popular with its original crispy duck (Bebek Bengil). Even, Bebek Bengil becomes the pioneer of crispy duck in Bali. A portion of Bebek Bengil is served with a half steamed duck, sautéed potato, steamed rice, Balinese vegetables, and a side salad. What makes crispy duck in Bebek Bengil different from other restaurant is the special recipe. They steam the duck meat using Balinese spices until it becomes tender. Afterward, they finish it with deep fried, making the duck taste very crispy.

Cumi Goreng Bumbu Bali: A Delicious Fried Squid with Balinese Spices

Even its name Bebek Bengil, they also serve several kinds of seafood just like this one, Cumi Goreng Bumbu Bali. This menu is specially cooked with Balinese spices and served together with special Balinese sambal. So, if you are a seafood lover, this one is truly worth trying!

Those are 5 top foods in Bebek Bengil restaurant. Bebek Bengil always uses fresh and high-quality ingredients for all the menus. So, if you are confusing where to eat in Ubud or Jimbaran, you can try the crispy duck in Bebek Bengil restaurant. Bebek Bengil opens its restaurants in several places in Bali such as Ubud, Nusa Dua, and Jimbaran.

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