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Enjoy Your Holiday In Ubud By Having Fun Ubud Bicycle Tour

  • May 03, 2018
Enjoy Your Holiday In Ubud By Having Fun Ubud Bicycle Tour

As having the holiday in Ubud, make sure to spend your time enjoying its Ubud bicycle tour. Most people visit Ubud normally because they want to enjoy its natural attractions like its beaches. Actually, Ubud still has a lot of wonderful things to see by trying Ubud bike tour. If you really love nature and sport, spending your holiday with best Ubud bike tour probably could be the perfect holiday activity for you!

Get A Fun Holiday With Ubud Bike Tour!

Some of you may still have no idea about Ubud bike tour. Ubud bike tour is actually really fun activity in Ubud. This one is one of the most favorite activities to do in Ubud. Here, you can see the amazing beauty of Ubud by cycling tour. As joining the tour, you also get information about several places in Ubud. Besides, you also can learn about Balinese culture or get in touch with Balinese people who are very friendly and welcome.

3 Best Ubud Cycling Tour

1. Bali-Eco Cycling Tour

Talking about the best cycling tour in Ubud, most people say Bali-Eco is the best one in town. Bali Eco has provided cycling tour services in Ubud since 1999. They own a very fun, informative, and unique cycling tour for Bali visitors. Bali Eco will take you away and show the real beauty of Bali. You do not only see its wonderful scenery, but you also can get other experiences such as learning the culture or knowing its friendly people. There are several tours provided by Bali Eco. You can freely pick whether you want to get Eco tour, Educational tour, Mountain Tour, or Half tour.

2. Green Bike Cycling Tour

Need more fun Ubud cycling tour? You probably can try Greenbike cycling tour Ubud. They provide a truly different concept of a cycling tour. Unlike other cycling tours, Green Bike offer a special tour to increase your adrenaline. You can freely choose between Cycling Tour with Rafting or Cycling Tour with ATV. Each tour is equipped with a professional guide who will explain a lot of information about Balinese culture, historical place, and others. 

3. Jegeg Cycling Tour

The last popular cycling tour in Ubud is Jegeg Bali Cycling Tours. By joining the tour, you can enjoy the real beauty of Balinese countryside and feel the Balinese culture. The tour includes pick-up, accommodation from hotel, lunch, and breakfast. Besides, each tour also includes experienced and friendly guide, so during the tour, you will get a lot of information about Balinese culture and people. During the trips, you also can get a lot of opportunities for taking the picture or get in touch with the people. You will see many wonderful places as you are having this trip.

Best Local Restaurant Serving Tasty Balinese Food

When having Ubud bicycle tour, make sure to fill your tummy with the best traditional Balinese food. Bebek Bengil becomes one of the most favorite traditional restaurants that serve a lot of delicious Balinese food. They own the best Crispy Duck in town which is cooked with traditional and special spices. Besides, Bebek Bengil also serves other special and delicious menu for the vegetarian. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy your holiday with Ubud cycling tour and serve your tummy in Bebek Bengil Ubud!

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