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Get Special Dinner at Balinese Restaurant Nusa Dua

  • Mar 14, 2018
Get Special Dinner at Balinese Restaurant Nusa Dua

There are so many ways to spend a holiday. Some people might choose to tour around the best places. On the other hand, there are also people who like to spend their spare time at home to let themselves relax. Then, there are also people like to walk around to get a more culinary taste. All of these activities even can be done in Bali. You can get the best places for healing and taste the best food in Bali. One of the most recommended ones is the Balinese restaurant, Nusa Dua. You will get Balinese sensation from this restaurant.

Dirty Duck Dining

Dirty Duck Dining is one of the most popular duck restaurant Ubud. However, you can even find it in Nusa Dua. The rich taste of spice and other several of a menu can be found in here. Let's get know about the concept of this restaurant first. The name of the restaurant is so unique. The owner of this restaurant gives the name of Dirty Duck Dining since there is a group of Duck which came from the rice field is the first guests. That is why the restaurant's name is Bebek Bengil or dirty duck. Moreover, the crispy duck becomes the most popular menu in this restaurant.

The Various Menu of Dirty Duck Dining

Actually, Bebek Bengil or Dirty Duck Dining is not only having Indonesian food as the menu served. There are a lot of western menus as well. However, most tourists ordered the Indonesian food from this restaurant. People are also like to visit this place because they want to eat crispy duck as the most popular menu. This crispy duck becomes the main menu which usually served with various different food.

At first, you can try to eat Nasi Campur Bebek. It contains a traditional Nasi Campur from Bali, vegetables, boiled egg, fish satay, and also crispy duck. You have to try this Balinese taste which can’t be found anywhere besides Bali. Then, you can also find fried rice as the most popular menu from Dirty Duck Dining. The fried rice is kind of Indonesian fried rice, but there is a special crispy duck on it. The combination of fried rice and crispy duck becomes the heavenly taste that must be tried. For the side menu, you can also try sautéed long bean or sautéed bean sprouts which have chopped chicken on it.

So, what are you waiting for? Just spend you dinner time at Dirty Duck Dining to get the most popular menu of Balinese restaurant Nusa Dua. You can also get a special package, like set menu or buffet menu. With the cozy place and warm concept, this restaurant becomes the most recommended one. You have to add this restaurant to your culinary list in Nusa Dua. Don't worry about the price. All of the menus are affordable but still have the high quality taste. You will never be disappointed to come. Get a special crispy duck as healing days in Bali.

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