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How to Enjoy Your Holiday in Nusa Dua Bali

  • Apr 16, 2018
How to Enjoy Your Holiday in Nusa Dua Bali

Nusa Dua is a paradise in Bali. Located in southern part of Bali, Nusa Dua is a favorite place to enjoy the beautiful view of the white-sandy beach, spend a night in international resorts, and get a little bit sweaty playing golf. You can even enjoy a nice dinner in Nusa Dua restaurant with a view of the beautiful beach. Here are some tips to enjoy your holiday in Nusa Dua so your comeback home won’t be left with regret.

Let’s Get Wet at the Beach

Cool your body off in the swimming pool is not enough. Bright sun, white-sand, crystal-clear salty water, and cool breeze are something that makes you can't stand still. In Nusa Dua, most of the beaches offer the same beauty, just to mention such as Nusa Dua beach, Geger beach, Pandawa Beach, and many others. However, each of them offers their own charms. Still, you can generally enjoy from simply swimming, snorkeling, until diving into the deep and meet the cute fishes and starfish. In the end, you might not realize have spent all dry to get wet at the beach until your stomach starts rumbling and whine for culinary in Nusa Dua Bali.

Get Large Waves Strong Blow at Water Blow

There is one unique attraction in Nusa Dua. That is Water Blow. It is located on the southern peninsula of Nusa Dua which the entrance is near Grand Hyatt resort. The paved footpath will bring you to the cliff with a dramatic seascape. As soon as you reach the lookout, strong waves that can reach up to several meters high will splashes and sprays you. So, don't forget to bring your changes!

Enjoying the Spectacular Cultural Performance

There is one theatrical show that very popular in Nusa Dua. Yes, it is Devdan Show. Ensure to spare a 90-minute time during your visit to Nusa Dua to join the show in the Nusa Dua Theater. The actors will use traditional clothes and show you some acrobatics actions and aerial silk dancers on the stage to introduce the variety of culture in Indonesia. The lively choreography, lighting, background music and detailed props will definitely make you in awe. This show is definitely a great escape to get entertained and educated at the same time. The opening show usually starts on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 7 PM to 8.30 PM.

Having a Romantic Dinner with Great View

Close your day with a nice dinner on the coastline. In Nusa Dua, you can find nice restaurants that offer a great view of its white-sandy beach. If you want to enjoy the restaurant in Nusa Dua Bali with a view of Nusa Dua beach directly, Bebek Bengil Restaurant is the best option out there. Bebek (duck) Crispy is the main menu you should get a taste at least once. The secret Balinese recipe will surely make everyone fell in love. However, you still can find a variety of food from Indonesian to western.

Bebek Bengil Restaurant is located in The Bay Bali.You can book the gazebo to get the direct view of the beach, enjoy the cool breeze and the sound of waves of Nusa Dua beaches. Having dinner in Nusa Dua restaurant with a beautiful view will be a perfect way to end your holiday romantically, won’t it? 

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