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How to Properly Eat Crispy Duck to Escalate the Taste

  • Apr 19, 2018
How to Properly Eat Crispy Duck to Escalate the Taste

How to properly eat crispy duck is the common mind of those who never experience to eat crispy duck before. Actually, as the shape of the duck is almost similar to the shape of a chicken, the way to eat your crispy duck is almost the same too. However, as the texture is different between duck and chicken, you better to know properly about how to eat crispy duck without being a mess. So, check the following tips to lead you in a better way of eating the crispy duck.

Tips to Eat Crispy Duck Properly

As the crispy duck is a very delicious meal, you have to know how to eat this food in a proper way, so that you really can enjoy the delicious duck as your meals. Actually, you can choose the following options when you want to eat your duck in a proper way without being worry about the mess because of your false way of eating.

Eat with Your Bare Hands

Some people say that this is the best way to eat crispy duck. Without the help of any fork or spoon, you can freely in eat the duck and it will make the way looks more natural. Some people also say that by eating the crispy duck with your bare hands, it can escalate the delicious taste in your foods. However, you have to remember some important things before eating with your bare hands. First, you have to make sure your hands are clean. Do not forget you wash your hands first and use the hand wash to help you to get rid the germs in your hands. Then, you can enjoy your crispy duck with your clean hands.

Eat with Spoon and Fork

For some people, this way is a little bit difficult. Especially, it is because of the condition of the duck meat which is usually a little bit difficult to cut. However, if you do not mind about it, using the fork and spoon while eating your crispy duck will keep your hands cleans.

Do not Forget the Sauce or Sambal

Whatever is your choice in enjoying the duck, whether it is using your bare hands or using the fork and spoon, the important thing is that never forget to try the sambal or the sauce. Usually, in the restaurant where you come, you will have your choice of sambal to taste. The sambal will be spicy and will have different taste from one and another. So, make sure to taste it. When you decide to eat your crispy duck with sambal, you can take a small part of your duck and put it into the sambal. Not the whole part of your duck, but only small part of it and then, you will know how delicious it will be.

Those ways of eating crispy duck will help you to escalate the taste of the food. Even it might be your first time in eating crispy duck, take the proper way and enjoy your meals. Let’s enjoy your crispy duck with those ways!

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