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How You Can Spend a Great Holiday in Ubud Bali (Part 2)

  • Apr 25, 2018
How You Can Spend a Great Holiday in Ubud Bali (Part 2)

Forget about spending your whole time in Bali’s white-sandy beaches because Ubud offers more than that. In Ubud, you can enjoy another real Indonesian nature beauty. There are rice field terraces stretched out over the hills turn Ubud into one of best photography spots in Bali. There are also mesmerizing waterfalls and magnificent rainforest waiting to be explored. So, do you ready to spend a more quality time during your holiday in Ubud?

Jogging in the Campuhan Ridge Walk

Start your morning activity by jogging in the place that offers wonderful scenery such as Campuhan Ridge Walk. It provides mountain valley trek for visitors who want to take a walk or jogging in the highland part of Ubud. The trek is a concrete path so you can easily follow the way between the dense tropical foliage sights. At the starting point, there is a bridge at Campuhan River that will lead you to Pura Gunung Lembah temple. Continuing your walk, you will be welcomed by a vast hill in the valley.

Enjoying the Picturesque of Green Terraced Fields in Tegallang

Ubud is located in the mountainous and hillsides region, so terraced field system has been utilized by the locals to cultivate rice for centuries. The stepped landscape turn to be a great method of irrigation called “subak" since the region depends on the rainfall. On the other side, terraced fields don't simply provide harvests, but also a great tourism spot that offers a mesmerizing view.

In the Tegallang rice terraces, you can walk around the terraces and find a perfect spot to take the best picture. At the best time, you can also learn from the locals how to plant or harvest the paddies. Sometimes, if you are lucky, the locals will give you some free green coconuts that grow around the terraces. The best timing to visit here is in the morning or afternoon, so you can avoid the fierce sun lights.

Learning the Bali’s Culture in Taman Saraswati and Puri Saren Agung

There are several temples or Pura in Ubud, but Taman Saraswati is a little temple that worth to visit at least once. The name “Saraswati" is taken from the name of the Hindu goddess of wisdom, Dewi Saraswati. In this place, you can enjoy the architecture of the building highly influenced by Hindu like in the carvings forming the goddess. In the middle of this temple, you can find a large pond filled with lush lotus blossoms. In the evenings, you can also watch cultural dance performances that show you the story of Balinese. The stage is magnificent with great lightings against the night sky.

You should also try to visit other Pura such as Puri Saren Agung. It is known as the Ubud Royal Palace, where the royal families still living there. Not only admiring the Balinese ornate architecture of the temple, you can also walk around the gardens and watch the dance performances in the evenings.

Have a Fine Lunch and Dinner in a Restaurant with Stunning View

For those who love to do culinary adventure, Ubud is a right place to go. There are various restaurants in Ubud start from wealth dining venues to local roadside stalls offer unforgettable culinary experience. Moreover, there are lots of restaurants also offer those great nature views of Ubud that can be enjoyed between your meals. 

One of the restaurants that offer good food in Ubud is the Bebek Bengil Restaurant. Bebek Bengil means dirty duck. So as its name, you can guess that the main menu in this restaurant is a duck. Yes, there are some recommended menus such as Bebek Bengil (crispy duck), nasi campur bebek, Balinese smoked duck, duck spring rolls, and many more. However, you can also find other menus that suit your taste bud. From western menu, such as pasta, salad, and many more. Bebek Bengil Restaurant is able to satisfy your hunger.

Here, you should reserve the Pondok or a traditional bamboo hut with a table and cushions. The reason is Pondok offer the best view in the restaurant. You can get a direct view of green paddy fields which sometimes the farmers are farming and ducks are playing in the muds. Is it a good way to increase your appetite and comfortability during your meals, isn’t it?

Meet the Monkey in the Ubud Monkey Forest

There are lots of grey long-tailed macaques live in the Ubud Forest. Although they are living wild in their natural habitat, they are quite gentle, unless you irritate them. So, don't ever try to feed them or wear jewelry that can easily snatch away from the monkey. It is a rule to let them stay as the wild animal.

Ubud Monkey Forest is also known as the Sacred Monkey Forest of Padang Tegal or Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana. Here, you can enjoy walking between high trees which the monkeys jump from one to another. On the way, you will see wonderful ancient temples with guardian statues that tell you the reason why the forest is sacred.

Purchase Some Souvenirs to Bring Home at Ubud Art Market

Pasar Seni Ubud or Ubud Art Market is open daily, so you can visit this place anytime you have a spare time during your visit. Moreover, the market is located in the central part of Ubud so it is a strategic place to purchase souvenirs and many other needs. In the market, you can find a variety of souvenirs made by locals in the neighboring villages. There are shirts with Ubud design, woven bags, silky scarves, wooden statues, accessories, and many more. All you can get it at cheaper prices as long as you know how to bargain. 

Nothing can beat a healing time watching nature beauty to forget crowdy days in the polluted city. Ubud is one of the right places to go for natural healing. Walking between the paddy fields, breathing the fresh air, taking cool pictures, having a chit and chat with the locals, and purchasing handmade souvenirs are the hospitality of Ubud which you might can’t find them anywhere. Don’t forget to fill your stomach in one of  top 10 places to eat in Ubud, Bebek Bengil Restaurant that offers delicious and affordable variant menus of duck. So, do you have fun to spend time in Ubud?

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