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Kill Your Cravings With The Most Delicious Restaurant Of Crispy Duck In Jimbaran!

  • Mar 09, 2018
Kill Your Cravings With The Most Delicious Restaurant Of Crispy Duck In Jimbaran!

When visit Bali, don’t forget to try the delicious crispy duck in Jimbaran. Crispy duck is one of popular Balinese food which has a really good taste. Normally, crispy duck is served with special Balinese spicy sauce and steamed rice. In Jimbaran, there will be a lot of restaurants serving crispy duck, but make sure you choose the best one.

Bebek Bengil or also known as Dirty Duck Diner is a very popular restaurant in Bali that serves a lot of mouth-watering foods. Here, crispy duck becomes the most recommended and favorite menu. For you who do not like to eat crispy duck, don't worry because we've got a lot of menus to try! Bebek Bengil also serves various unique beverages and best Balinese coffee.

Try Popular Duck Food in Bebek Bengil

Just like our name “Bebek Bengil”, we have a lot of duck food that must and worth to try. Bebek Bengil becomes our first special duck food since 1990. This is an original crispy duck made of traditional spices. As you bite it, you will taste a crispy and tender duck meat at the same time. To satisfy your taste, Bebek Bengil is served together with Balinese veggies, side salad, steamed rice, and sautéed potatoes.

Besides Bebek Bengil, another delicious food that is worth trying is Nasi Campur Bebek. We serve this special food with a tasty crispy duck, fish satay, boiled egg, and Balinese vegetables. Otherwise, if you want to taste a combination of western and traditional food, you can try Duck Fried Rice or Duck Spring Roll. Bebek Bengil surely can be a good place to go for duck-food lovers!

Refresh Your Mind with Bebek Bengil Special Drinks

Who says Bebek Bengil only serves special duck foods? To satisfy your thirst, we serve various drinks with unique and delicious taste. First, we have Hanoman Drinks, a fresh drink made of the combination of passion fruit, orange juice, and melon syrup. For you who like unique drink, try our special Watermelon Ginger Freezie. The mixture of fresh watermelon, mint leaves, and ginger surely will recharge your mind. If you don’t like cold drinks, we also serve many kinds hot drinks such as Bali Coffee, Hot Orange, Drip Coffee, Vienna Coffee, and others to chill your day.

Bebek Bengil Jimbaran

Wondering where to eat Bebek Bengil in Bali? Don't worry because Bebek Bengil opens a lot of stores in Bali. After its popular duck restaurant Ubud, Bebek Bengil finally opened other restaurants including in Jimbaran. Bebek Bengil Jimbaran serves a truly comfortable place and fresh atmosphere to eat crispy duck. The restaurant is surrounded by very wonderful and greenery lakes. It is really great place to enjoy your dinner with family, friends, or colleagues.

All the surroundings surely will make you relaxed and enjoy. Moreover, you also can get romantic dinner surrounded by finest nature atmosphere. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s try the best-seller crispy duck in Jimbaran and other Balinese culinary here. You can visit Bebek Bengil Jimbaran inside Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) area in Uluwatu Street, Ungasan, Bali.

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