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One of the favorite dishes in Bali

  • Feb 20, 2018
One of the favorite dishes in Bali

Bali is one of the most favorite tourist attractions in Indonesia and abroad. Bali has beautiful natural scenery, especially beaches. Lots of beaches in Bali such as Kuta beach, Pandawa, Dreamland, Tanah Lot, and so forth. Not only the beach, Bali also has a unique and interesting culture such as Gamelan, Kecak Dance, Rejang Dance, Legong Dance, Pendet Dance, and so forth. Bali also has many historical heritages scattered in its territory. Beautiful scenery will feel incomplete if it is not accompanied by a delicious dish. A lot of Balinese dishes that should be tasted because it consists of spices that you certainly will not meet anywhere in the world. You can also find other culinary that is delicious while in Bali, one of them is a dish with the main ingredient of duck. Favorite place that serves duck as the main ingredient is Bebek Bengil.

Bebek Bengil/Dirty Duck

Bebek Bengil/Dirty Duck is one of the favorite restaurant in Bali. The main dish of Bebek Bengil is original crispy duck which consists of fried duck with rice, a little vegetable and also the typical Balinese sauce. In addition, Bebek Bengil also provides other dishes that are also delicious, like rice mixed Bali, rolled satays, pelalah duck, chicken suwir Bali, and other menus. Not only local food, Bebek Bengil also provides food from foreign countries such as spaghetti, goacamole, crispy duck salad, and so forth. After eating the main course, do not forget to try the dessert which is guaranteed to satisfy your tongue. Most recommended desserts are Black Russian Pie, Coconut Cream Pie, and The Original Sin Devil Dark Food Cake. Bebek Bengil was established in 1990 has several outlets spread in Bali, namely:

  1. Ubud is where Bebek Bengil open for the first time, its address at Jl. Hanoman, Padang Tegal, Ubud. Here you can also enjoy the natural scenery of a vast field with coconut trees that surround it.
  2. Jimbaran is a branch outlet of Bebek Bengil which is located at Jl. Uluwatu, Ungasan. Unlike the one in Ubud, Bebek Bengil in Jimbaran provides beautiful lake views and is surrounded by greenery.
  3. Nusa Dua is also the branch outlet of Bebek Bengil which opened in 2011 and located at The Bay Bali, Nusa Dua Resort, BTDC area Lot C - 0. If you want to enjoy the dish with the beach view, then this is the right place. 

Bebek Bengil provides the perfect blend in satisfying all your senses. Get a reservation right now!

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