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Relax Your Mind with 5 Top Drinks In Bebek Bengil Restaurant

  • Mar 12, 2018
Relax Your Mind with 5 Top Drinks In Bebek Bengil Restaurant

When it comes to Bali cuisine, do not forget to try 5 top drinks at Bebek Bengil restaurant! Bebek Bengil is one of famous duck dinner restaurant in Bali who becomes a pioneer of crispy duck. Besides serving a lot of variants of special crispy duck, Bebek Bengil also serves other Indonesian, Asian, and Western Food. If you never visit this restaurant, we recommend you to eat its special menus like Bebek Bengil, Duck Spring Roll, Cumi Goreng Bumbu Bali, Nasi Campur Bali, and Grilled Thai Chicken Wings. Moreover, for the beverages, here we already list the most recommended and favorite drinks in Bebek Bengil! Check this out!

Hanoman Drinks: A special Drink to Cheer up Your Day

As hearing the word Hanoman, you probably think about the Hindu Monkey God in Ramayana story. However, in Bebek Bengil restaurant, this is a special drink made up of a mixture of fruit. As you drink Hanoman drink, you will taste the mixture of passion fruit, orange juice, and melon syrup. This is really a good drink to enjoy during summer.

Watermelon Ginger Freezie: Fresh, Warm and Sweet at The Same Time

If you want to get the fresh, warm, and sweet taste in one drink, go get yourself Watermelon Ginger Freezie. This favorite beverage is specially made from the combination of fresh watermelon juice, mint leaves, and ginger. Feel the unique sensation once you drink this Watermelon Ginger Freezie.

Duck Lemon: Get Sour and Sweet Taste of Fresh Lemon Juice

Bali with its hot weather surely will make you feel die of thirst. That is why you need Duck Lemon drink. With the mixture of lemon, soda water, and ginger, it surely will satisfy your thirst and refresh your body. The sour and sweet lemon, cold soda water, and warm ginger are a perfect combination!

Bebek Strawberry Splash: Sweet Drink for the Sweet Lovers

For you who really love strawberry, we recommend you to have Bebek Strawberry Splash. This is a perfect and refreshing drink to eat crispy duck while in Bebek Bengil. The mixture of fresh strawberry and soda water surely will cheer up your soul and day. Besides those two combinations, Bebek Bengil also adds vanilla ice cream and strawberry syrup for the toppings.

Menteng Street: A perfect Combination of Coffee & Avocado

Who says coffee will taste not good if combined with fruits? Menteng Street shows you a perfect taste of coffee and avocado. Bebek Bengil uses special and finest quality Balinese coffee for Menteng Street drink. For the avocado, they also pick the fresh and high-quality avocado. To add more sweets, they add a scope of vanilla ice cream for the topping. 

Besides serving special duck foods, Bebek Bengil is also very famous serving tasty beverages. As visiting this restaurant, make sure to taste one of those 5 top drinks in Bebek Bengil restaurant. Besides those beverages, they also have the greatest Balinese coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and others. You can try all those beverages in all Bebek Bengil restaurants.They have three restaurants in Bali, offering great quality services and beautiful atmosphere. Bebek Bengil has been popular as the best duck restaurant Ubud, Nusa Dua, and Jimbaran.

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