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Taste This Special Duck Menu from Top Choice Duck!

  • Apr 19, 2018
Taste This Special Duck Menu from Top Choice Duck!

Our duck comes from the special farm is the great fact that will never make you regret to come to Bebek Bengil Restaurant. As one of the popular restaurants in Bali, Bebek Bengil comes to give you the best service and let you have the best experience with their menu, especially the Crispy Duck. People who come to this place always satisfied with the foods there and the great view they can find there. The great duck menu in this restaurant comes from the facts that the ducks are high-quality duck from the high-quality farm. Check out some facts about the duck in our restaurant!

Top Choices of Ducks for The Best Service

Our duck becomes special as the chef chooses best over the best duck for you to consume. To make you left your doubt to come and try our best menu, you have to know that our team chooses the best duck by the following criteria:

Top Choice

The duck for our menu is the best choice of duck with high quality and healthy condition.

Good Body Condition

We choose the best duck with the best weight. The weight shows the fat of the duck and reflects on how the duck grows in good term of farming.

Traditional Farming

We choose the duck from traditional farming. It means that there is no possibility of using any drugs that can help the duck to grow fast.

Good Meat

By choosing the best duck with the best condition and the healthy one, it also can provide you the best meat quality of duck’s menu. This fact is the source of our best duck meat that we serve to you.

Good in Cooking Recipe

Not only about the duck choosing process, is the cooking recipe another secret that we have for our customers. The ingredients that we use are the family recipe that will make the duck has a different taste with the other duck you can find in Bali. This fact about the cooking recipe makes people agrees to try and to taste how delicious our food is.

Now, you already know that our duck comes from the best choice and becomes the result of top choice from the expert. It makes the quality of our food is great, and you have to be sure that our food is also healthy food for the healthy cooking process. Besides that, the choice of ingredients and the seasonings make our duck becomes more special. The family recipe makes it as the best recipe of duck ever. This duck becomes one of the best things that you have to try and you will never regret eating the duck in Bebek Bengil Restaurant.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure that you make your time to visit this restaurant once you come to Bali. Feel the great menu with the delicious taste and experience your meal while enjoying the best natural view ever in Bali. So, are you ready to taste our best duck menu?

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