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Tips to Enjoy Jimbaran Restaurant with a Beautiful View

  • Apr 14, 2018
Tips to Enjoy Jimbaran Restaurant with a Beautiful View

Jimbaran is a great place to enjoy the hospitality of Bali. An open-air fish market where the local people sell various kinds of seafood products is one of the great place to get closer to the local of Balinese. Walking along the beach with calm waters or surfing between the strong surf waves is a must-do to enjoy the nature-beauty of Jimbaran. Between those busy activities spending your great time in Jimbaran, nothing can beat a time to having your dinner in Jimbaran restaurant with a beautiful view. So, what kind of scenery would you most like to enjoy for your dinner?

Restaurant with Beach View

Sitting on the white-sandy beach with dimmed candle lights while looking at the sunset view is a common attraction at Jimbaran Bay. Before the day gets dark, beachside restaurants and warungs will take out the chairs and tables ready for dinner. Most of the visitors who visit Jimbaran love this place where they can have a nice dinner while enjoying a great view of the beach and sunset. You can witness the dramatic change when they sky turn orange to darker. The cool night breeze and the sound of waves add more romantic atmosphere for your dinner time. Generally, seafood is the main menu at a restaurant in Jimbaran with beach view. You can choose your favorite seafood, look at it weighed and get them cooked.

Rooftop Restaurant with Seascape View

If you don’t like a crowdy beachside restaurant, how about having your dinner in rooftop restaurant? Quite far from the beach, you can find some resorts and restaurants offer a dinner place to enjoy the view of the seascape. Here, you still can enjoy the beautiful sunset scenery while enjoying your plate that full of Balinese taste. Moreover, the resorts usually also provide a rooftop swimming pool. It is the best way to have a sip of drinks while cooling your body in the pool.

Restaurant with Village View

If you prefer to spend your dinner with restful and comfortable atmosphere, Jimbaran restaurant with village view is the best. You won't hear the sound of waves anymore. Instead, you can hear the crickets crying when the night comes. It is a nice atmosphere to get an enjoyable dinner time. Village view restaurant usually offers greenery scenes such as a small park, rice fields or the hills. A view of a lake or water fountain is an extra point.

To get the best village view, we recommend you to visit Uluwatu Street and try the crispiness of dirty duck at Bebek Bengil Restaurant. Existed since 1990, Bebek Bengil Restaurant has been popular among visitors in Jimbaran for its secret recipe that makes duck menu superdelicious.You can taste the real Balinese taste in its various recipes. However, you can also order vegan, Thai, or western foods. The restaurant offers the best view of greenery and beautiful lake in a comfortable atmosphere.

So, which one is your favorite dinner place?

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