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Top 10 Places to Eat in Jimbaran

  • Mar 29, 2018
Top 10 Places to Eat in Jimbaran

Jimbaran is a small town in Bali Island. This town blends local essentials with luxury hotels and resorts. Jimbaran is located on the southern part of Bali Island. The town is perfect for healing getaway since it is less touristy than other towns in Bali. Moreover, Jimbaran offers a variety of hotels, restaurants, spas, and other attractions. One of the good things about Jimbaran is the food. You can easily find good places to eat. Below is our list of Top 10 Places to Eat in Jimbaran. Check this out!

1. Bebek Bengil

Bebek Bengil is a famous good food in Ubud. Now you can have it in Jimbaran too! The famous Balinese cuisines are smoked duck and deep-fried duck. Bebek Bengil offers those two dishes. The first one is duck that wrapped in Balinese seasonings and smoked for one day and the second one is seasoned-duck that is boiled or steamed before being deep-fried. Bebek Bengil is a famous restaurant when it comes to crispy duck and other duck cuisines. You can’t skip this restaurant whenever you are in Jimbaran. The meat is very great taste and the bone is easily flake off. If you order crispy duck, they will serve it with rice, sambals, as well as lalaban or local vegetable sides. Bebek Bengil or Dirty Duck is a long established restaurant in Bali. They will give you a big portion of duck cuisine. The price is also affordable considering the portion. For someone who want to eat crispy duck, we really recommend Bebek Bengil. You can have smoked duck with extra crispy skin only at Bebek Bengil.

2. Babi Guling Ibu Oka Bali

Another famous Balinese cuisine besides duck is babi guling. Also known as Balinese suckling pig in English, this famous Balinese dish is a pig that seasoned with Balinese herbs and spices. The seasoned-pig will be roasted whole. This dish is usually serve with rice, pork sausage, fried pork meat, crispy skin, and stewed vegetables. There are many restaurants that sell babi guling in Bali. However, the most famous place is Babi Guling Ibu Oka Bali. This restaurant has multiple outlets. You can find it in Jimbaran. Whenever you come to Bali, you need to eat this dish. The price is very affordable. It’s better to eat babi guling for lunch since the restaurant tend to sell out quickly.

3. Anomali Coffee

Jimbaran offers you mesmerizing sunset. You can enjoy sunset while sipping Balinese coffee. Anomali Coffee is the best place that serve coffee in Jimbaran. You can have a cup of coffee from USD 2 to USD 5 in this coffee shop. Our recommendation is ice blended coffees. It’s the best combination to watch sunset in Jimbaran.

4. Casual Cafe

Casual café offers western cuisine that is very popular among tourist. You can get waffles, burgers, pastas, pizzas, sandwiches, eggs benedict, and more western cuisine. After you count the tax and service charge, the price is quite affordable. They give generous portions too. You can go to this restaurant for brunch. The ambience here is fantastic.

5. Alchemy

Who doesn’t love dessert? Everybody love dessert! There are many coffee shops and patisseries in Bali. And one of them is Alchemy in Jimbaran. The ambience in this coffee shop is great and the place is very aesthetic. You don’t have to burning a hole in your wallet if you go to this place. The place is unique and unusual. They also served home-made dessert and coffee.

6. Mad Pops

Mad Pops is really famous for it ‘Ice, Ice Baby’ neon sign. This place served ice cream, gelatos, and sherbets. Who would have thought those three desserts are very famous and common in Bali Island? Maybe you just want to buy a popsicle or a cold drink, and then you bump into a small gelateria like Mad Pops that serve their own ice creams. For those who love vanilla and chocolate, you need to come at Mad Pops. They serve the best vanilla and chocolate gelato.

7. Warung Wahaha

Besides babi guling, you need to eat BBQ pork ribs in Warung Wahaha. Balinese really love pork cuisine. And who can avoid ribs? No one. You can have a cooked, marinated, and juicy BBQ pork ribs only in Warung Wahaha they cook the ribs over charcoal. And then they serve it from the BBQ pit. In fact, charcoal grilled ribs is the one of the best foods that you can eat. Bali has some famous places that serve best steaks, ribs, and grilled cuisine. But if you want to eat BBQ pork ribs with Balinese seasonings, you need to check Warung Wahaha.

8. Rock Bars

You can skip Rock Bars whenever you are in Jimbaran. This place is really, really famous among locals and tourists. The cocktails here are affordable. There are more than 20 choices of cocktails menus. The bars is set on the edge of the beach, so you can see a great view of what we called as ‘vitamin sea’.

9. Soleil

Soleil is a place where you can enjoy brunch buffet. It is also a hotel brunch buffet in Jimbaran. They offer Sunday brunch package that super complete for you. The menu is made in high-quality ingredients so the taste is beyond delicious. You can have another level of brunch here.

10.  BBQ Seafood Jimbaran

As the name suggest, this restaurant offer BBQ seafood. As we know that Jimbaran is famous for its beach, they also have many seafood restaurants. However, the best one on BBQ Seafood Jimbaran. They serve the food with fresh ingredients. The majority of the dishes here re very affordable. You can pick your own seafood that cooked just right. The seafood are juicy, fresh, and well-seasoned.

Those are 10 top places to eat in Jimbaran. You should try it, especially the dish at Bebek Bengil to make your holiday in Jimbaran complete. This is the food that you should eat in Bali. The price is good and the taste is beyond delicious.

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