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Top and Most Recommended 3 Vegetarian Foods in Bebek Bengil Restaurant!

  • May 03, 2018
Top and Most Recommended 3 Vegetarian Foods in Bebek Bengil Restaurant!

Are you a vegetarian? As enjoying your vacation in Bali, make sure to try the most delicious 3 vegetarian foods in Bebek Bengil Restaurant! Since 1990, Bebek Bengil has become a pioneer of Crispy Duck menu in Bali. Even, this restaurant also listed as one of the best restaurants in Ubud. As a specialist of duck food restaurants, Bebek Bengil actually not serves duck food menu only. They also own other menu variants whether it is Indonesian food, Asian food, or Western food.

Besides, Bebek Bengil restaurant also has special food for the vegetarian! So, if you are a vegan, do not worry about having anything to eat in this restaurant! They have prepared the vegetarian menu with fresh, high-quality, and healthy ingredients. Here are the top 3 vegetarian menus that worth trying if you are a vegan or on a diet!

Organic Green Salad: A 100% Healthy Vegetarian Dish                             

Need a truly 100% food for the vegan? This one is must be listed on your food lists! Just like its name, this one is really pure organic salad without any bacon or beef. They only serve this menu with mixed green lettuce and put Italian dressings on it.

Gado–Gado: Traditional Indonesian Salad

Vegetarian food normally relates to salad menu only. However, in Indonesia, we have special healthy food for you. Gado-Gado is actually a traditional Indonesian salad. This one also has mixed vegetables such as bean, spinach, corn, and others. Unlike the western salad, Gado-Gado is served with peanut sauce, making it taste so delicious. Besides vegetables, this one also served with boiled egg and tofu.

Balinese Fruit Salad: Fresh Traditional Salad

Getting bored with vegetable salad? Don't worry because Bebek Bengil has special Balinese Fruit Salad. This one is actually a traditional salad which is very popular in Bali. Unlike the ordinary salad, this one is served with many combinations of fruits such as pineapple, watermelon, melon, and others.

Talking about top 3 vegetarian foods in Bebek Bengil restaurant, make sure yourself to try those menus above. Besides salad and Gado-Gado, Bebek Bengil also provides fresh and healthy beverages for vegetarian. They have a lot of fresh juice menu which is made with fresh and high-quality fruits.

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