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Vegan Food? Top Recommended Restaurants for Your Healthy Meal Time

  • Jan 25, 2018
Vegan Food? Top Recommended Restaurants for Your Healthy Meal Time

Most saying that Ubud is vegan heaven. Vegans mostly worry about their trip for not being able to find plant-based food that supports their preferences. However, this isn't going to happen when you go to Ubud Bali. Here the most recommended vegan restaurants Ubud that can be a part of your culinary time in Bali.

1. Vegan Buffet in Sawobali

Want to have an all-you-can-eat dinner course? Well, Sawobali restaurant is serving the vegan buffet that might make glutton vegan becomes regular. You can choose various menus on the table that will support your diet. Most of the menu is fresh and tasty classic local food such as fresh vegetables, tempeh, tofu, vegetable curry, and many others. The price is very affordable which you can take ten kinds of recipes on your plate by only paying about IDR50,000.   

2. Balinese Dishes in Siboghana Waroeng

Your journey to Bali won’t be completed until you have a taste of Balinese dishes. But, it might be difficult to find those local dishes loved by the vegan. Here, Siboghana Waroeng prepares special healthy Balinese dishes cooked without coconut oil and MSG. Nasi Campur or mixed rice is the most favorite Balinese dishes which they mix rice with urap (steamed vegetables), vegetable curry, tempeh, crispy mushrooms, and other additional side dishes.

3. Raw Dishes in Sayuri

It's a happy time when you can eat healthy fresh dishes but still giving tasty flavors. This moment might be hard to find during your trip. But, Sayuri restaurants want to ensure you will enjoy that moment in Ubud. Vegans will love a bowl of raw veggies such as lettuces, carrots, tomatoes, purple cabbage, radish and some others. With healthy toppings, this lunch menu is a perfect combination.

4. Mexican Dishes in La Pacha Mama

There is a touch of Mexican looks in the Ubud. Yes, you can find it in the La Pacha Mama. This restaurant brings dramatic interior which might almost make you forget that you are still in Bali, not Latin America. Distinct Mexican menus such as vegetable nachos, tempeh tacos, jackfruit burrito, quesadilla, guacamole, etc. are the favorite menu for vegan travelers. Nachos, guacamole, quesadilla, burrito, flauta and cauliflower buffalo wings.

5. Creative Menu for Lazy Cats

Bring a concept of cozy café, Lazy Cats is a perfect place to have lunch while spend more time to chit chat with your travel partner. The menu has several vegan dishes such as salads, wraps, BBQ tofu bowl, and so on. Their smoothies are the most favorite since they made them with only fresh fruits. 

6. Chinese Dishes in Veggie Karma

Come inside the restaurant, and you will be welcomed by decorated garden surrounding the dinner table. Looking at the menu, you should choose the dish like Mapo Tofu and braised eggplant. If you are a fan of Chinese dishes, this restaurant is a perfect place to visit.

7. Indian Dishes in Mumbai Station

You already have Balinese, Mexican, Chinese, and now you can also taste the spices from Indian dishes. All menus in the station are perfect choices for vegan. You should try their masala dosas or crispy rice pancakes with spicy potatoes fillings.

So, which one is your favorite vegan restaurants Ubud?

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