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What is Your Favorite Menu from Bebek Bengil?

  • Apr 18, 2018
What is Your Favorite Menu from Bebek Bengil?

A trip to someplace is a chance to taste its local foods. So, when you visit Ubud, you should taste delicious foods from one of the most popular restaurant, Bebek Bengil. You can order all kind variant of processed duck meat and another western menu via Bebek Bengil food delivery Ubud. Here, we will list down the most favorite menu as a recommendation for your dinner package.

Bebek Bengil, Crispy Duck              

Bebek Bengil crispy duck is the main menu as similar to the name of its restaurant. Since 1990, crispy duck of Bebek Bengil has been everyone’s favorite. This menu is different with other crispy duck in other restaurants. The half duck meat is steamed after wrapped in rich Indonesian spices. After that, the duck meat is deep fried to get a maximal crispy texture finish. Eat along with rice, Balinese vegetables, side salads and sambal, Bebek Bengil is perfect to eat with Indonesian way. Yes, by finger! You can also order this menu via Bebek Bengil food delivery.

Duck Spring Roll

A favorite side dish here is duck spring roll. The duck meat is cooked with various Indonesia spices then wrapped with a spring roll. Simply dip the spring roll into sweet chili sauce to get the best taste of it.

Balinese Sate Lilit Platters

Satay or sate is one of Indonesia's iconic foods. In Bali, you can find a different type of satay called sate lilit. As mainstay dish in Bali, the appearance of sate lilit is different from common sate. It looks like a small hot dog. Sate lilit is made from chopped fish, grated coconut, and rich spices. The skewer is from lemongrass which makes the aroma of sate become more fragrant. In food delivery from Bebek Bengil restaurant Ubud, sate lilit menu also use chicken and duck meat as main ingredients.

Nasi Campur Bali

A complete package for lunch is nasi campur Bali. The portion is big enough to energize your day long. On the plate, you can taste nasi campur (mixed rice) with side dishes including smoked chicken, fish sate, beef curry, boiled egg, Balinese vegetables, krupuk, and some others.

Indonesian Rijstafel

If you come in a group, why don’t you try to order Indonesian rijstafel menu? This traditional Indonesian meal comes in a huge portion with various side dishes. There is saffron rice as the center in the platter. The side dishes include Balinese chicken, sate, curried egg, crispy fried duck, chicken curry, vegetables, and many more.

Bebek Bengil Restaurant is one of the famous restaurants that you should at least visit once in Ubud. It opens one of the branches in Hanoman street, Ubud. Not only you can taste a very delicious processed duck meat, but you can also choose the other great menu option. If you have no time to come to the restaurant or too far from it, Bebek Bengil food delivery Ubud always ready to deliver the food to your location. Now, you don't need to spend your money to eat in the five-star restaurant when you still can get delicious local foods with an affordable price. So, which one is your favorite menu?

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