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Where is the Place to Eat Crispy Duck in Ubud?

  • Jan 19, 2018
Where is the Place to Eat Crispy Duck in Ubud?

Ubud offers not only a wide choice of travel destinations but also the choice of restaurants. If you are craving for the crispy duck in Ubud, there is a duck restaurant Ubud that very recommended for duck lovers. There are new restaurants open each month, but not all of them stay open for a long time. This restaurant has been opened since so many years ago. It can last long because the dishes are delicious, innovative, good ambiance, and affordable price. The restaurant is Dirty Duck Ubud.

The Best Place to Eat Duck

Dirty Duck also means Bebek Bengil in Indonesia. As the name suggests, the restaurant serves a unique menu of Bali crispy duck. The place has been around since 1990. The area does not only offer crispy duck but also smoked duck and duck satays. There is a unique fact in this restaurant which is the smoked duck. If you want to eat this dish, you need to order smoked duck a day in advance. There is also Indonesian and international cuisine too.


The first restaurant of Bebek Bengil which is located on Hanoman Street in Padang Tegal village of Ubud. As the time goes by, the restaurant opens another branch at Monkey Forest Street. The first location has the spacious area, and it offers the amazing daytime view. If you eat the duck in the Hanoman branch, you will see the natural rice paddy and amazing crafted gardens. The wooden-based décor will remind you of Bali traditional village. The restaurant also features dining spaces outdoor in its beautiful garden.

The Food

Besides the most famous crispy duck, Bebek Bengil also serves other foods such as fish and chips, satays, chicken, salad, and more. Let’s talk about the most famous Ubud Bali food first which is the duck. The food is steamed with Balinese spices and deep-fried at a perfect temperature which makes result in a very crispy and delicious duck. There are also many Western appetizers and snack such as roasted tomato salad, guacamole, organic green salad, and many more. We recommend you to try Ginger Rogers chicken salad that served with pineapple and tomatoes. You can also try fish and chips here. The crunchy fish and French fries with the special sauce create a sensational taste. And don’t forget dish which is grilled chicken sandwich. The taste of the chicken combine with foccaica bread will make this sandwich as one of best sandwiches you’ve ever tasted.

How about the main course? The highlight of this restaurant is delicious as well. That famous crispy duck served with salad a side and potatoes. You can choose steamed white or yellow rice. The plate also comes with Indonesian vegetables. If you want to try the chicken dish, there are chicken teriyaki, ginger chicken, and chicken Kiev which all of them are worth to try. If you're going to eat this crispy duck with the better view, you can eat it at The Bay Bali Nusa Dua. The restaurant is part of the hotel restaurant there. This place will offer typical good sea views such as crystal clear water, blue skies, sunset, and seagull. This site is perfect for romantic dinner!

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