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Duck Bengil from Ubud, Crispy Duck Shake Your Tongue

  • Mar 19, 2018
Duck Bengil from Ubud, Crispy Duck Shake Your Tongue

Have you ever gone on a trip to Bali? Dined at Bebek Bengil restaurant? If you haven’t, you will regret! Bebek Bengil has an address in Padang Tegal, Jalan Hanoman, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali. This restaurant is special because it provides many delicious menu and has been recognized the quality by tourists, both foreign and local. Although it has many delicious menus, this restaurant is always much talked about because of its crispy duck menu.

Crispy duck menu is a dish with original recipe since 1990. Duck in this menu is half a piece of duck body steamed with a mixture of spices, special spices and then fried. The process of steaming is intended to spice into the duck meat so when fried, the flavors still exist. Frying techniques should also be careful to maintain soft duck meat but produce crisp and crunchy outer skin.

When ordering this menu, crispy duck served a package with rice, three types of chilli and Balinese vegetable urap. You can also order another vegetable to replace the vegetable urap it. For those who like fresh vegetables for the duck's meal you can order it as a complement. The menu at Bebek Bengil is famous among foreign tourists by the name of Dirty Duck. For foreigners who heard it this may seem strange, but this name has its own history. When looking to create a restaurant, founder Duck Bengil is still confused in finding the name and also the main menu of the restaurant. At the time of the restaurant development, there was a bunch of dirty ducks covered in mud passing in the middle of the restaurant. This is what inspired the name duck bebek and its founder decided the main menu of the restaurant is duck.

This funny name attracts many foreign tourists to come to visit. They are curious as to what the shape of this dish named Dirty Duck. The tourists who initially curious finally eat crispy duck menu and they are happy with the taste and crunchy of this fried duck. Many tourists who love and spread the name of the restaurant, Bebek Bengil became a favorite restaurant of tourists who come to Ubud. Because of this famous Duck Bengil restaurant, Mick Jegger and Jerry Hall had visited and enjoy the crispy duck menu. Many people say that the fame of this Bebek Bengil restaurant started after being visited by two foreign artists. Until now, Bebek Bengil restaurant is always crowded with visitors. On a typical day the restaurant is able to sell up to 300 servings of crispy duck. If the holiday season or weekend, the number sold could reach 1,500 portions.

For those of you who are still hesitant cause they do not like duck dishes (the smell so fishy), you do not need to worry. The techniques used in cooking and also the seasoning used has been adjusted to produce a duck that is not smelly, has a savory taste and still feels crunchy when eaten. Not only the technique and the marinade, the duck material is also a special choice duck. The duck selected is a duck that is quite aged with a weight of about 1000 grams. If the selected duck is too young, the meat will be too soft and easily crumbled when steamed. If the selected duck is too old, the meat will be too fast to dry and hard when fried. If you are interested in eating duck menu here, you do not need to worry about the price. The price of this crispy duck menu is Rp 125,000 per package. A quality Bebek Bengil menu is guaranteed you will not regret.

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